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 "I'm definitely a lover of the little things and of simplicity - I think that shows through in my music," Abigail says. "In songwriting, I love to remind people that their life is important and they have a purpose."

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     Abigail Nygren is an American singer/songwriter from Porterfield, Wisconsin.  She writes heartfelt acoustic music saturated with reflective lyrics that speak hope and life. Her music is simple in form and delivery with a deep intention for listeners to feel seen, encouraged and understood. Over the last few years, she has performed at many local music festivals and venues as well as abroad in Australia, Thailand and Norway.


     For Abigail, songwriting began in an unusual way –in a hayfield, with a gift guitar that she had hardly touched. “The first 2-chord song was born out of questions I had and things I didn’t understand,” says Abigail. “Songwriting became an outlet for me to express what I was feeling on the inside in a way that I couldn’t do by just talking about it. It was a way for me to connect with God.” Four years later, in 2016 and 2017, Abigail began sharing her music at several open mic’s and was invited to sing at a local festival in Menominee, MI called Harmony by the Bay. “Each time I shared my music, someone came up to me afterward and told me that God had spoken to them through one of the songs,” Abigail recalls.  “It was in those moments that I realized songwriting was something I needed to continue to pursue.”  In 2018, Abigail traveled abroad with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) to Australia, Thailand and Norway. She completed two music schools through University of the Nations, sharing her music at several venues in all three countries.


     In 2019, Abigail again performed at Harmony by the Bay in Menominee, MI and played for the first time at Manitowoc Praisefest in Manitowoc, WI. Right now, Abigail is an active member of her church’s worship team and is a lead vocalist with another local worship band.  Abigail is continuing to write music and in March of 2020, she released her very first debut album, an EP titled Ordinary Person.  2020.  “Getting my music recorded and available online has been a big dream for the last few years,” shares Abigail. “It has been so amazing to hear how each song has spoken to someone in one capacity or another, and honestly, that’s my favorite part about doing this.” Abigail said in 2020, she took a bit of a break from writing, but now feels a very strong calling back into putting out more music. “I can feel in my heart songs springing up and I’ve been writing so many this last year. There's a few singles and an album in the works and I can't wait to start recording. This music isn't just for entertainment, I really believe that God wants to use it to stir up and heal things in the hearts of myself as well as those who listen."


    In June of 2023, Abigail released her newest single, "Don't Miss Today" and is working on a few more projects for later this year. "I'm also so excited to have just launched some official merch, including TShirts and sweatshirts which are so cozy and great reminders of God's promises." Abigail says that she is looking forward to doing several concerts this summer and will be sharing several new songs. She shares that her hope with her music is for it to be like an encouraging blanket wrapped around listeners and something that can carry them through the days that they listen to it.

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