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"Each person has certain experiences that make no two of us alike. None of us have lived the same life with the same circumstances and that means we all have a unique voice. I believe that voice was meant to be heard," says Abigail. "You matter and I hope my music can remind you of that today. "

"Abigail plays guitar, writes her own songs and delivers them with a simple, yet passionate voice that resonates within your heart and soul."

               -Mike Braun                        Dwelling 2:22                    Oshkosh, WI

"Abigail is a singer/songwriter from Porterfield, WI whose tender style is sure to encourage and inspire."

              -Tauno Stark

               Stark Ministries

               Manitowoc Praisefest

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 "I'm definitely a lover of the little things and of simplicity - I think that shows through in my music," Abigail says. "In songwriting, I love to remind people that their life is important and they have a purpose."

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